Researchers develop paper-thin flexible battery

Batteries suck. There's no arguing that the technology that we have for batteries is way behind our technology for the rest of our mobile devices. They're heavy, they don't last very long and they have a tendancy to heat up and explode. However, researchers are working on a smaller flexible battery that may help to bring our batteries up to snuff.

The researchers at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and MIT have created a materieal that takes the place of multilayer batteries. They created this by growing carbon nanotubes on a silicon substrate and placed paper between the gaps. This paper can then be stuck together to create a supercapacitor that retains the flexibility of paper.

This won't solve any of our immediate battery needs, but this breakthrough may one day lead to a battery that can fit in almost any device without weighing it down. They boast that "a 100g sheet could replace a 1300mAh battery."

Paper-thin, flexible and biodegradable battery being developed [via newlaunches]