Research shows what Siri is used for

Shane McGlaun - Mar 27, 2012
Research shows what Siri is used for

By now I think everyone is familiar with Siri, the Apple virtual assistant that’s only officially supported on the iPhone 4S. Siri is a virtual assistant that allows users to do all sorts of things with their voice from sending and receiving calls, to sending text messages and a lot more. A consulting group called Parks Associates surveyed 482 owners of the iPhone 4S to see what people are using Siri for.

According to the survey most users are taking advantage of Siri only for basic things. The most popular activities are making phone calls and sending text messages. According to the Wall Street Journal this is a sign that Siri usage mirrors how people commonly use their phones, which makes sense. The research shows other uses are growing with 32% of iPhone 4S users taking advantage of Siri to play music and 35% using Siri to schedule meetings.

The use of Siri for e-mail is growing as well with 26% saying they use it to send e-mail daily or almost daily, while 30% say they’ve never used Siri for e-mail. How happy people are with Siri often depends on accents and how quiet the environment is. Overall 55% of iPhone 4S users say they’re happy with Siri and 9% say they’re unsatisfied with the remainder somewhere between.

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