Republic Wireless lures new Android customers with six free months

Republic Wireless is trying to lure in new subscribers by offering a special promotion wherein the first six months are free. The promotion comes with limitations and requirements, of course, the primary one being that you'll have to bring your own Android smartphone to the service. If you do so, as well as claim the promotion, Republic Wireless will give you up to 2GB of 4G LTE for free for the first six-months of your stay at the carrier.

Republic Wireless refers to itself as a 'WiFi first' carrier, meaning users are encouraged and largely expected to use a WiFi network whenever possible — this includes support for WiFi calling, of course. The idea here is that by using available WiFi networks — which are increasingly common in places ranging from restaurants to libraries — users cut down on the number of minutes and the amount of mobile data they need, shaving their monthly bill down in the process.

This is easiest in big cities, of course, though mid-size and smaller cities are often home to many open WiFi networks. If you already find yourself largely using these open networks and you happen to live somewhere with Republic Wireless coverage, the new promotion may be a good deal for you.

To get the deal, Republic Wireless says new customers will need to create an account and then order their SIM card, which is free but requires a small shipping fee. The card must be ordered some time between May 16 and May 22, though. Once received, the phone must be activated by the end of June 6, at which point the subscriber will get up to 2GB of 4G LTE data during the first six months, as well as free service during those months. This will start after the first full billing cycle, the carrier notes.

Existing customers can get in on the promotion, too, by opening a new line. If you end up needing more than this basic service offers, plans are available starting at $15/month.