Report: 'vaping' is 95% healthier than cigarette smoking

Vaping, the term used to describe smoking electronic cigarettes, is 95 percent safer than smoking regular cigarettes, according to Public Health England. Electronic cigarettes, sometimes also calls 'ecigs' and e-cigarettes, are electronic portable vaporizers that vaporize a liquid solution of nicotine, flavoring, and glycerin to produce a facsimile of smoke. A lot of controversy has surrounded electronic cigarettes, but the new report is largely favorable.

Electronic cigarettes have been advocated by smokers and some doctors as a way to stop smoking by offering nearly the same experience sans the combustion and resulting harmful by-products. Some studies have stirred up fear, however, and false information is still disseminated claiming, among other things, that electronic cigarette 'juice' contains antifreeze.

Public Health England (PHE) has made what is claimed to be the first official proclamation of electronic cigarettes' superiority to regular cigarettes. The findings suggest e-cigarettes are 95 percent less dangerous than tobacco cigarettes. Only nasal sprays, oral products (nicotine gum, etc.), and patches are rated as more safe. Cigars are one level higher than e-cigarettes in terms of danger, followed by pipes, small cigars and, finally, cigarettes.

Of course, electronic cigarettes are not without their risks, and from a health standpoint, completely giving up smoking in all forms would be ideal. However, PHE reports that electronic cigarettes could one day be used as a medically issued alternative to cigarettes as a smoke cessation product. Many former smokers report having better luck kicking the habit using ecigs rather than patches and gum.

SOURCE: The Guardian