Report: new Chrome OS boss means "Android is the future"

When Chrome boss Sundar Pichai took over the reigns of Android in addition to his normal duties, the synergy between the two programs began inside Google. Overseeing Google's two major platforms requires a lot of support, and The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Pichai has appointed Android engineer Hiroshi Lockheimer to head up the engineering team for Chrome. His focus is said to be Chrome OS, which makes its home on several computers as a lightweight, web-based operating system.

Chrome OS's previous engineering lead, Linus Upson, has reportedly left his post, paving the way for Lockheimer. There's no word yet on if Upson will remain with Google, or if he's moved on to another venture.

The Wall Street Journal, citing a person familiar with the management shift, says Pichai is appointing an Android engineer to Chrome is an attempt to signify to both teams that "Android is the future".

Both Android and Chrome have a place in the market, and both rely heavily on data access via cellular connectivity or WiFi. Android apps are also starting to make their way into Chrome OS, which might be another reason Pichai took one of his strongest Android players and put him on the Chrome team.

In that vein, it's important to note Lockheimer reportedly has no stake in Chromecast, the Chrome browser, or Chromebook hardware. His focus is Chrome OS.

There has been no official announcement, and Google has yet to comment on the alleged management shift. If true, it's a smart move, and as both systems start to converge — Lockheimer could become an even more important player at Google.

Source: The Wall Street Journal