Report: iPad Pro not even a "thing" yet

Remember all that chatter earlier in the year (and then a bit later on, and still later) about an iPad Pro? It's supposed to be a 12-inch tablet, with many assuming the behemoth will take the place of the Macbook Air. It all seems so plausible, except for one thing: we don't have it yet. A new report suggests the iPad Pro isn't even close to being an actual product, as many would have you believe. In fact, it's not even a "thing" yet.

Though we're pretty certain (read: of course we will) an iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3 are incoming today, we never thought we'd see an iPad Pro, or whatever moniker Apple wants to tag it with (Macbook Touch!). We'd heard it was coming "soon", but without plausible leaks, we never really believed that one.

Now it seems this iPad Pro-ish device isn't even a real thing at Apple. The device is said to be a concept or prototype, at best. Though they're toying with "an iPad with a jumbo screen", the device isn't "considered" finished or final at Apple.

What does this mean for us? If the product isn't even a "thing" inside Apple's walls, it's not going to be a "thing" for us as consumers for quite some time. It could drop at an iPad event next Fall, but don't get too excited about seeing it ahead of then. For now, let's just enjoy the "small" iPad Air, shall we?

Source: The New York Times