Report indicates Microsoft Windows Phone 8 isn't complete

When Nokia unveiled its Windows Phone 8 smartphones, some people yawned. The phones didn't have a lot to set them apart from any other smartphones on the market other than being some of the first devices shown off to run Windows Phone 8. Reports are now coming in that indicate Nokia might have a hard time meeting its launch schedule.

According to reports, problems with the launch schedule aren't necessarily on Nokia's part, rather the chance for the delay rests at the feet of Microsoft. Reports indicate that Microsoft has yet to finish the Windows Phone 8 software. The Verge reports that it has learned from multiple sources that Microsoft originally planned Windows Phone 8 to launch in early October, before the PC operating system.

However, these sources are now indicating that Microsoft is targeting October 29 to launch Windows Phone 8. A late October launch for the mobile phone operating system would put the Nokia smartphones on the market sometime in November. The reason Microsoft is behind according to sources is delays and bugs encountered during testing.

These bugs and delays have pushed the launch back by weeks. According to The Verge, HTC has had particular difficulty testing one of its Windows Phone 8 devices. These issues are said to have affected HTC's ability to announce new smartphones based on the operating system as early as Samsung, and Nokia were able to. The delay in the launch of the operating system is believed to be forcing some manufacturers to ship devices without the customizations common to most carriers. Reports indicate that any delays and final carrier testing could also affect when smartphones running the operating system market.

[via The Verge]