Report claims most smart TVs are not used to full capacity

Shane McGlaun - Dec 28, 2012
Report claims most smart TVs are not used to full capacity

When smart TVs were first entering the market many TV manufacturers believe that the technology would push a massive number of users to upgrade. That massive upgrade to adopt smart TV technology didn’t take place the way TV manufacturers had hoped. A new report published by NPD Group claims that most people who own smart TV aren’t using their smart TV to its full capacity.

According to the report, smart TVs get little use beyond streaming TV services such as Netflix and others. The report says that about 60% of smart TV owners are using their TV to access over the top video services. However, the report claims that very few people are taking advantage of available smart TV apps for services like Twitter or Facebook.

The report also claims that very few people are using their TVs to surf the Internet. With the abundance of Internet connected gadgets in homes today such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops it’s really no surprise that people are using the TV to surf the web. The report does say that there has been “reasonable consumer uptake” for streaming music apps offered on smart TVs for services such as Pandora.

The usage rate for apps for social networks such as Twitter and LinkedIn, gaming, and other apps are said to be well under 10% among smart TV owners. The report also claims that about 10% of smart TV owners use the TV to surf the Internet and only 5% or 6% use their TV to access their computer desktops.

“The less than great news is that the TV manufacturers are failing to make the TV more than, well, a TV. Further, we are seeing attached devices also focus heavily on TV and video-centric apps, Microsoft’s upcoming launch of more than 40 additional television apps for the Xbox Live subscription service is one example,” the NPD analyst noted.

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