Report: Apple working on 3 new iOS 8 updates

Nate Swanner - Sep 29, 2014, 1:14pm CDT
Report: Apple working on 3 new iOS 8 updates

Though iOS 8 was a good iteration of the mobile OS from Apple, building nicely on the aesthetic twist iOS 7 brought in, it lacks some punch. Certain aspects of iOS still go largely untouched, and the update itself can be a bit buggy. Now it seems three new updates to iOS are in the pipeline, and may be coming soon.

9to5Mac reports they’ve been seeing the newest iOS versions pop up on their website analytics, showing all three versions visiting the site. Obviously with varied results on each version, and 8.1 was showing up ahead of the larger 8.0 launch. The 8.2 and 8.3 iterations have been popping up more recently, suggesting Apple is lining up significant improvements to iOS.

While none of this details any information about the updates or versions, it’s possible that Apple is getting a bit faster about responding to the needs and wants of customers. If more iterations are set to hit handsets, it could encourage device upgrades, too, should some new features not work on older handsets.

Ahead of iOS 8, we saw some tweaks to Apple Maps in the works — alterations that didn’t make it into the version we got. It’s possible one of these versions could come with a major Maps update, and we’re still awaiting true split-screen iPad functionality.

Still, we’ll temper any enthusiasm for now, as we don’t know what these iterations may involve. Testing all three concurrently suggests some big changes are coming, though, and with Apple’s increasingly diverse product portfolio and software enhancements, they’re welcome changes.

Source: 9to5Mac

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