Rentokil RADAR - The coolest mousetrap you'll ever find

I'm not one of those people that is terrified of mice, or other small rodents. When you grow up in an older house in the country, you get used to seeing the occasional mouse. You can try to catch them, but they seem to get wise to the old-fashioned mousetraps. If you're looking for a better mousetrap, this one is pretty cool.

The Rentokil RADAR (Rodent Activated Detention and Riddance Unit, though I would have thought the appropriate acronym would have been RADRU, but who am I to judge?) lures the mouse with the smell of food, then infrared sensors detect the rodent and closes the trap door. It then releases a cloud of carbon dioxide which causes asphyxiation within 45 seconds. Here's the kicker, it sends you a text message once the mouse is dead. How cool is that.

If you were a morbid person, you could probably have the device send a text message to someone else, say a big PETA supporter. I'm sure they'd love getting a message every time a mouse is killed.

Rentokil RADAR – The Humane Hitech Killing Machine [via coolestgadgets]