Renault EZ-Pro autonomous vehicle is for last mile deliveries

Shane McGlaun - Sep 20, 2018, 8:06pm CDT
Renault EZ-Pro autonomous vehicle is for last mile deliveries

Renault showed off its EZ-Go concept for shared mobility in March and the concept was a cool glimpse into the future. Renault is now back with a similar concept called EZ-Pro that aims at being a robotic vehicle concierge for last mile delivery. EZ-Pro had its world premiere this week at the Hannover Motor Show.

The automaker says that EZ-Pro is the last-mile delivery solution for every type of professional. The concept uses an autonomous leader pod and a driverless robo-pod. Without having to focus on driving, the concierge can focus on value-added tasks like supervising the itinerary planning and the robo-pods themselves and ensuring in-person premium delivery of fragile objects.

EZ-Pro offers the concierge convenience with front vehicle access, a joystick controller, and four-wheel steering for maneuverability. Renault says that EZ-Pro is a shared solution and that an entire convoy of pods could leave the same hub and be managed by the same logistics operator while carrying different types of goods. Each pod is operated by the same electric and autonomous platform.

The pods can make deliveries for a variety of online stores allowing for shared cost savings. Customers can have delivery by the human concierge on the pod or pick up parcels from lockers on the pod. The lockers are accessible 24/7 and are opened using a mobile phone app.

While the EZ-Pro is all-electric, there is no indication of how far it can go on a single charge. There is also no indication of how long a recharge takes and how fast the pods can cover their routes.

SOURCE: Renault

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