Remove irrelevant Facebook posts with this Chrome extension

Years ago when I first joined Facebook, it was a nice way to keep up with what my friends were doing. The posts were in a simple, chronological order that made it easy to catch everything I wanted. But the best part was that the only posts I saw were ones that my friends made or shared. These days, it's filled with recommendations and posts from pages that my friends like. Well now there's a way to fix that.

Designer Juraj Ivan has had this same complaint about his Facebook feed, and decided to do something about it. He designed a simple Chrome extension that blocks any posts that aren't specifically from your friends or pages that you follow. That means no more "Suggested Posts" that you couldn't care less about, and no posts from pages that your friends like.

He says that it's effective enough that he spends much less time on the social media site, because he's able to catch up on what's going on with his friends and family without sifting through unnecessary posts.

I tried it out, and compared my Facebook feed in both Chrome (with the extension) and in Firefox. In Firefox, I found that for every 7 posts from friends, there was one Suggested Post that I didn't care about. In Chrome, there were 0. If you want to de-clutter your Facebook feed, then you can download the Facebook Friends Feed extension here.