Remote-control Roboquad turned security guard with Skype hack

Our robot-obsessed friend Robert Oschler pointed out this awesome hack involving Skype, a WowWee Roboquad and internet connection, that lets you call up your robot from anywhere in the world, control it remotely and – thanks to a head-mounted video camera – stream live media back to you.  Here's a clip of the beastie in action:

It all relies on a piece of software called RoboDance, which answers an incoming Skype call, starts up a video stream and then activates the voice control system.  Speech recognition is used to convert spoken commands into instructions for the robot, which are transmitted via a USB UIRT (an infrared to USB adapter).

So far the version of RoboDance (v.4) hasn't been released, so you'll have to wait a little while before you can do this yourself, but we're promised a full guide and even trials using an Apple iPhone or other smartphone to establish the remote connection.

RoboDance Skype + Robot Demonstration [Thanks Robert!]