Remote control lock for extra pest control

We all have that one pest in our life that will forever be a mooch. They try to mooch anything from food and money to rides and free computer assistance. For those particular ones that like to thieve food out of the cabinet, there is a crafty remote control to lock them out.

There isn't an actual visible lock, it just has a small steep prong in the cabinet that detects signals from the remote and opens it when you push on the button. This means when they go to tug on the cabinet doors it will just feel like it's stuck. Then when they complain slip the remote behind your back and unlock it. They will just think your cabinets hate them (yes, my friends are gullible enough to believe that).

My personal nuisance came over yesterday and of course, I never actually answer the door when he comes over I just yell. Generally I yell for him to go away but he never listens. First thing he does is walk in and get a pop then he steals my leftover pizza. This of course ends in him whining that I need to clean out my fridge. He doesn't even pop in to say hi first or ask, nope, he just steals my food. Now I'm not really sure if this would work on a fridge, but I'll settle for just the cabinets. Unfortunately you are really going to have to have a deep hatred for you menace since this little device is priced at $650.

Remote control cupboard lock keeps the cookies safe [via shiny shiny]