Remote Control Bracelet

James Allan Brady - Oct 19, 2007

No, the bracelet isn’t controllable by remote, it is the remote control, for your TV, VCR, I would assume whatever you could program into it. Its just a design, but it looks pretty cool.

If it weren’t for its bracelet form factor, it could probably be unisex, but it is in the shape of a bracelet, and it is designed by a woman, for a woman. Chloe Fung is the genius behind this design, and although I have no idea exactly how it would work, but I would assume that at least some of the buttons have tactile feedback, while the others might be touch sensitive.

Regardless, it looks pretty amazing, and I hope, for all you ladies out there, that this goes into production; you need a good working, yet highly fashionable remote, it seems like all the other remotes that get designed these days are for men, or unisex. Hopefully if/when it does get released it won’t cost a fortune too.

Controlling In Style [via Yanko Design]

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