Reminder: NASA crashing two probes into Moon tonight

Just a few days ago, NASA announced that it would begin the process of navigating two of its probes towards the Moon, but instead of landing them on the Moon, NASA's going to full-on crash them into the surface of the small, grey sphere. Starting at 5 PM EST, NASA will be live-chatting about the mission on their website.

The mission will have Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory (GRAIL) mission probes "Ebb" and "Flow" making their way toward the Moon's surface, and deliberately crashed into a mountain range, which will use up the remaining fuel reserves on both units. The mission will help NASA engineers validate models outlining fuel consumption so as to improve future mission fuel needs.

However, one of the main reasons for purposely crashing the two probes into the moon is because both of them are running low on maneuvering fuel, and NASA wanted to make sure that they didn't accidentally fall onto the Moon when they ran out of fuel and end up destroying a historical site, like one of the Apollo landings

This is obviously unlikely, but it's still possible, and NASA wants to take all the precautions that it can so that it doesn't happen. Again, NASA will be live-chatting the mission tonight at 5 PM EST, but there will be no live video feed, so don't get your hopes up of watching the probes actually crashing into the Moon.