Remember the Milk 4.0 hits (almost) all platforms, price change

Before the likes of Todoist and Wunderlist were hip, there was Remember the Milk. Named after one of the most common errand to be done (next to getting the eggs), RTM, as it became to be known, become the todo list app. SInce then, however, it has been somewhat overshadowed even by a note-taking service like Evernote. Now at version 4.0 and a year away from its 10th birthday, Remember the Milk is shaking things up with new apps that covers almost all platforms and, somewhat sadly, some pricing changes.

The good news first. RTM built its software from the ground up and hit multiple birds with one refactoring stone. Thanks to that, it was able to spread its wings to the Web, Mac, iOS, Android, Amazon Fire, and even BlackBerry. RTM promises that Windows and Linux aren't going to be left out in the cold soon. That would make it the most widespread todo list app that embraces as many platforms as possible without settling for simply a web browser experience.

The release is also drowning in features. Sub-tasks that lets you split up tasks into even more minuscule pieces, drag and drop reordering of tasks, colorful tags, reminders for individual tasks, and even offline access. Those are just some of the new features that Remember the Milk is introducing, bringing it up to par with many of the rivals that have stolen its spotlight.

Sadly, many of those new features are hidden behind paywall too. In particular, some of the juiciest and most useful new features like substasks, customizable tag colors, mobile notifications, and working offline require an annual subscription. To balance it out, one of the features previously inaccessible to free, basic users have been unleashed. Now even non-paying users can sync across devices without limit.

Sadly, again, Remember the Milk is increasing its subscription price, which might not be that bad considering it hasn't made such a change since 2007. The good news for existing Pro subscribers is that they won't get affected by the price hike until August 20, 2017, RTM's tenth anniversary. All new Pro subscribers, however, will have to pony up $39.99 a year to get all the goodies.

SOURCE: Remember The Milk