Remember all the Apple stuff from 1983?

Staff Editor - Dec 30, 2006
Remember all the Apple stuff from 1983?

So, the holiday season has passed, with Christmas just days behind us and New Years coming in a flash, let’s take a look back to Apple in the year 1983. What were they up to so many years ago?

The year was 1983, and what was hip for Apple lovers? Coffee Mugs, for everyone who wanted that zing in the morning. They had clothing for the big nerds who wanted to show the world their love for a computer company. Puzzles and mats to assemble in your spare time. The obvious diskette was a must on many holiday lists. And for business wear, the tie and belt buckle. For the desk, a notepad, pen and paperweight. For the kids you have posters and kites! And don’t forget your Apple tote bag.

So now that we can laugh at everything made by Apple in their earlier years, we can smile just as hard. I feel like I am the only one, who wants their family in Apple T Shirts!

FLASHBACK: 1983 Apple Gift Catalog [Via: AppleGazette]

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