Rekimoto Lab shows off interesting and odd mobile tech

We all tell little white lies each day. Most of them aren't to be dubious or mislead people; they are out of a desire to be nice. You know what I mean, like when your wife asks if you like her new shirt and you hate it, but you don't want to hurt feelings. New and strange tech for mobile phones has turned up on Rekimoto Labs that will out your white lies.

The tech for cell phones uses the same stuff found in lie detectors. The idea is that it would use a sensor on the phone to tell the person on the other end of your call how you really feel. No thanks. The company does have an interesting way to zoom though. The iPhone lets us pinch to zoom, but the Rekimoto tech lets you press to zoom. The harder you press the more zoom you get.

The strangest bit of tech form the lab is a system that lets your cat Tweet. I can only imagine how this tech would fuel the Lolcats movement. The device is worn on the cat's collar and uses a camera, mic, accelerometer, Bluetooth and GPS to tweet the cat's location and what it is doing. I can see the Tweet now "On Ur Couch sharpening my clawz." The same company also had tech way back in 2004 that was going to change game controllers – such as dance mats – for the better, by using the controller itself to track leg movements, that was never commercialized.

[via Recombu]