"Reimagined" Fantasic Four trailer goes dimension-hopping

The comic book world is known, in fact notorious, for its reboots and retcons, and revisions, sometimes not exactly coherent. And it seems that the trait has bled into their big screen adaptations as well. Fantastic Four will be screening less than four months after Avengeers: Age of Ultron, but 20th Century Fox wants viewers to know that FF will be just as a big a thing. Except, it won't be your regular Fantastic Four thing. Well, the Thing is there and the rest of the cast, but things will be slightly different.

Reed Richards, Sue Storm, Johnny Storm, Ben Grimm, and even Dr. Doom. They're all there. Just a bit different. For one, they're a hell lot younger than when the FF started, whether in the comics or in the previous films. You could even look at this as something like Teen Fantastic Four, except they seem to be treated as adults, or very talented young men, and woman, for their age. Well, it's no secret that Richards is a genius in all incarnations of the franchise, so there's that. The other three's roles are yet to be detailed for this "reimagining".

Why reimagining, you might ask? Well, aside from some slight character changes, the origin story has also been a modified a bit. Instead of going into outer space and getting bombarded by cosmic rays, which gave them their powers, they now embark on a journey to another dimension, where they eventually get their fantastic powers. Like in the more recent FF film, which already "reimagined" Dr. Doom's origin story, this time it seems that Doom was again part of their expedition, which, as we all already know, will cause him to be disfigured. Whether that will be his motive later on has yet to be discovered.

Will this new Fantastic Four sell better than the previous two films? The FF franchise isn't as big a modern hit as say, the MCU titles and X-Men, the latter of which has now been heavily "reimagined" as well, but it does have a faithful following, especiall those who are old enough or exposed enough to remember the series. But these are also a rather opinionated bunch that may not take too kindly to 20th Century Fox messing too much with the title.

Fantastic Four screen on August 7 this year.