Regal picks Sony Smart Glasses

This week the folks at Regal have chosen Sony's Entertainment Access Glasses to help them move forward with entertaining hearing and sight-impaired patrons in ways they've never been able before. These glasses have been in production for quite a while now – as far back as a half a year since they were first revealed in fact, but it's just now that Sony has received a contract to have them distributed to this line of theaters. The real-live use of these glasses, which work with headphones to either bring descriptive audio to a patron or closed-captions directly in front of their eyes, will come at a time when such exciting concepts as Google's Project Glass come to light.

These glasses are actually available for order right now, a clip-on available for those of you who wish not only to be able to hear and read the movie you're watching, but to see 3D movies as well. Of course to make these glasses work, you'll need to have paired with the theater's pre-made tracks beforehand. That said, we'll see the implementation of these glasses, with Regal Entertainment Group providing the connections you need, by the third quarter of 2012.

The image you see above comes from a press release from Sony from back in October of 2011 – the look of the glasses will likely change significantly before their actual release.

This fabulous advancement in technology for the otherwise sight or hearing impaired audience will likely be adopted slowly, but will certainly have a chance at changing the way that audience is able to be entertained as the rest of this earth's population is on a regular basis. The glasses themselves only weigh in at less than 3 ounces, and are able to be programmed in 6 different languages. Sony has not yet posted a sale location for these glasses – but we're sure to see one soon!

[via Gizmo P]