Refurbished Xbox 360 dies within 5 minutes

Chris Scott Barr - Sep 14, 2007, 1:39 pm CDT

Everyone has commended Microsoft for extending their warranty service to the unfortunate individuals that have experienced the dreaded Red Ring of Death. While everyone admits that they should have fixed the problem a long time ago, it’s a step in the right direction. However, what happens when they send your Xbox 360 back to you and you fire it up for the first time? Kotaku Editor Brian Ashcraft got to experience it first hand.

That picture you see isn’t from the console before he sent it in. This is what happened roughly 5 minutes after he plugged in his refurbished console. No, he wasn’t playing it while sitting in a sauna, nor did he set it next to the stove while preparing a lavish meal. He just set it underneath his TV on the stand and plugged it in. He gets the welcome screen, but then his controllers won’t sync with it. Next thing he knows, his screen is black, and well, see the above pic.

Dead 360

This is completely unacceptable Microsoft. If you’re going to fix something, do it right. I don’t care if you have to ship people brand new consoles, just fix the issue. I can’t imagine that this one was caused by overheating, as it didn’t work from the start, and it was only on 5 minutes before the RRoD struck. I prey that my 360 never craps out on me like that.

Bashcraft’s “Fixed” Xbox 360 Dies. Again.
[via kotaku]

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