Refurbished iPhone - Get yours now for $100 off the original price

If you've been holding out on buying an iPhone because the price is too steep then head on over to the Apple Store. No, you're not going to find that they've magically dropped the price on the iPhone, you'll need to look just a little harder.

When you head over to the refurbished section of the site, you'll notice that there is a new section dedicated to the iPhone. Click on that wonderful little link and you'll be presented with two options, one for the 4GB iPhone marked at $399, and the 8GB model marked for $499.

I'm not really sure what Apple was thinking by knocking off $100 from each model, but that's awesome. I doubt that these will last very long, so you might want to head over there quick before they're all gone.

Apple iPhone Refurb $100 Off [via MyiTablet]