Refurbished iPhone 3G now from only $99

Staff Editor - Dec 26, 2008
Refurbished iPhone 3G now from only $99

Not long ago AT&T started offering the iPhone 3G in a refurbished condition for $50 off the original price. That’s $149 for the 8GB version and $249 for the 16GB version. Not h much of a discount for a phone that was purchased, found defective and then returned and fixed.

If you venture over to the AT&T Wireless page and take a gander at the iPhone 3G 8GB model you will find white a pleasant surprise.  Apple has gone and done it, they are now offering a $99 iPhone 3G. Now we know that this is the base model and it is refurbished, but they have managed to cover just about every price point with this one.

Now those of you who went out a picked up an iPhone 3G for someone for the holidays just may be kicking yourselves for that move.  This price is of course with a two-year agreement, as are all phone discounts. Now for the big question, if this iPhone 3G is going for just $99 refurbished where does that leave the price for the rumored iPhone Nano if it comes to market? Why create a low-end phone when you have the price points covered? It is very uncharacteristic for Apple to make negative progress; after all they discontinued previous iPhone models that were of lower capacity.

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