REEM-H1 Robot Will Roll Around in Hotels and Museums, Maybe

Evan Selleck - Jul 27, 2010
REEM-H1 Robot Will Roll Around in Hotels and Museums, Maybe

Pal Robotics have created the REEM-H1 prototype, a robot that’s designed to function within the service industry. Specifically, they believe it will be a great addition to the staff present at hotels, museums, and office buildings. And considering those wheels hanging out beneath the robot, making it so that it can roll around and not have to worry about that whole pesky walking thing, we might be in agreement with them.

As you can see from the image, the REEM-H1 is obviously a humanoid robot, even if it doesn’t have legs. It certainly has arms, and the same cold, emotionless face that most robots have. Features wise, it’s got stereoscopic cameras hidden away in its eyes, which means that it can recognize faces. It also has microphones hidden away as well, making sure that the robot can understand multiple languages.

Within the frame and base, there are ultrasonic sensors, as well as a laser range finder to detect obstacles, and make sure that it doesn’t run into them. There’s a battery tucked away in there as well, and it’s supposedly perfectly capable of lasting for 8 hours on a single charge. What we’re most excited about, though, is that huge piece of surface area where its legs should be. That’d be a great place to put drinks and what not. Though, it doesn’t look like the REEM-H1 can actually reach that area, so maybe not.

[via Plastic Pals]

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