REDFLY Mobile Companion - like Palm Foleo for your Windows Mobile devices

It only works with Windows Mobile 5 and Windows Mobile 6, but it works almost exactly how the Palm Foleo was supposed to. The only sad thing is that the Foleo worked with both WinMo and Palm's mobile OS, why couldn't they pull that off with this notebook?

It was shown off at CES this year and it has an 8-inch, 800x600 LCD display, a full keyboard. There are also USB and VGA connections as well as a Bluetooth chipset built in.

So, you can connect your smartphone via USB or Bluetooth to this thing, but it won't work at all without a phone being connected, which kind of sucks. Its selling for $500, but personally, for that kind of dough, I can learn how to type faster/better on the phone I have before I'll spend that kind of money on something that's useless without a Windows Mobile phone.

[via engadget]