REDFLY by Celio plans to pick up where Foleo never started

Christina Crouch - Jan 3, 2008

Hmm, Palm Foleo, nope doesn’t ring a bell. I’m wondering, why would anyone want to put out their version of a product that didn’t fare so well to begin with? Maybe they like a challenge?

Celio believe it’s smart phone companion, the REDFLY, has been tweaked just enough to delve into the market. This 1.9 pound device syncs via USB or Bluetooth 2.0 and gives your windows mobile an 8 inch display with keyboard for faster/easier web surfing. It has a built-in VGA port for PowerPoint Mobile and eight hours of battery life.

It’s a bit pricey, coming in at $499, which I think borders on too much. I wish Celio the best of luck but I can’t imagine it’ll fair much better than it’s predecessor.

REDFLY Mobile Companion Unveiled, Not Just Another Foleo [via Engadget]

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