RedEye Pro home automation controller debuts

Home automation is cool and is something that lots of tech fans are interested in. The catch is that home automation can be expensive and difficult to set up and master. Once you have it set up though you can do some cool stuff like control your home theater, AC, and lots more from one remote while sitting on the couch. A company called RedEye has a new controller for the home user.

The new product is called RedEye Pro and it has a home automation processor that can control the entire home. Along with the new controller, the company has also announced an update for its universal remote control. Using RedEye Pro the consumer can control their home using the iPhone, iPad, and personal computer.

RedEye Pro has lots of features with eight dual-purpose 3.5mm infrared emitter and contact closure sensor ports. It has four contact closure arrays, two RS-232 ports, four USB ports, and a wired Ethernet port. The controller also has 802.11 b/g WiFi. The system interacts with everything from garage door openers to security systems and HVAC controls. The device is only offered though dealers and installers at an undisclosed price. The consumer focused RedEye Gen2 sells for $199.

[via Yahoo]