Redesigned Amazon Kindle coming soon?

Brenda Barron - Aug 27, 2008
Redesigned Amazon Kindle coming soon?

Could the Amazon Kindle be getting a makeover soon? That seems to be the talk of the town according to a source supposedly close to Amazon that was interviewed by BusinessWeek. Since the Kindle came out, it’s been ragged on for its less than lovely appearance, so a redesign makes sense.

The e-book reader will be thinner, have a higher quality screen and overall more stylish design according to the source. Plus, this re-do may be available within the next few weeks, with a lowered price tag to bring the device to more consumers. How much lowered? Rumor has it you will be able to grab a Kindle of your very own for between $250-300 as opposed to the current $359.

This move should make the Amazon Kindle more appealing to more people. It is believed their primary target is students, who may have been put off by the first gen Kindle’s homely appearance and high price.

[via Gadget Lab at Wired]

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