Reddit to embed videos on any topic under the sun or beyond

It's a tad difficult to define Reddit in a simple sentence. Internet veterans will compare it with electronic bulletin board systems (BBS) or the younger Internet forums. Others might classify Reddit as a news aggregation site. While many will simply call Reddit a big mess. Soon, however, the site might have a new name under its belt: video sharing site. Yes, the Internet's most famous or infamous discussion forum will soon let you natively embed videos of cats, dogs, haircuts, planets, and anything above, below, and in between.

Reddit started out simply as a way for people with similar interests to share and discuss links, usually to news articles, in ways that the sources probably would have never allowed. It started out as a relatively geeky social site. That was before Reddit exploded to accommodate almost every topic you'd come to expect and plenty of topics you never even knew existed.

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Throughout those years, however, Reddit has changed very little in how it worked. You linked to something, either on a different website or to your own topic, in an "r/" group and see the discussion and votes flow (or, alternatively, gather flies). But the Internet has evolved to being more than being just about text and hyperlinks. It has long embraced images, videos, and GIFs, and it was high time Reddit did the same. It eventually did add ways to embed images directly into posts. It also added video ads, so why not add videos already? Now it does. Or at least soon.

Native video hosting means that Redditors will no longer need to upload their videos to some third party service, create link to the video and then post it on Reddit. Users will no longer have to click on a link that will take them to another site, only to have to return to the Reddit post to discuss the video. And, more importantly, mobile users can directly upload videos from their phones.

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There are limits, of course. Videos have a maximum time limit of 15 minutes, which is already plenty, even for, say, a single episode of a short web series. Only MP4 and MOV formats are accepted, so no AVIs and no MKVs. And, of course, you're still limited to the types of content that Reddit only allows on its site, but you'd be surprised at how very few limitations there are.

SOURCE: Reddit