Reddit threads can now be embedded on websites like tweets & Facebook posts

Reddit, "the front page of the internet" as the site boasts, has finally caught up to just about every major social media platform this week by introducing embeddable threads. You know when you're on a website and come across a tweet, Instagram photo, or YouTube video in the middle of the page, and clicking on it takes you directly to that content on said social network? Well, now the same thing can be done with Reddit posts.

To be honest, this is mostly a feature that will be beneficial to those who need to embed content into an article (i.e. bloggers and journalists) rather than everyday Reddit users. Embedding a post from Reddit is just as easy as a tweet and all the others, with a simple line of code getting copied and pasted into an article.

All the types of posts that can normally be made on Reddit are supported, including text, pictures, video, and GIFs. Viewers can then click on the embedded content to be taken to the thread on Reddit, where they can view and participate in the discussion around it.

While Reddit might be a few years late to the party with this feature, at least it will make it much easier to find and share the hilarious GIFs that come to life on the site's numerous communities.

SOURCE TechCrunch