Reddit partial outage makes it difficult to browse this weekend

Popular anonymous social media platform Reddit is experiencing a partial outage this weekend, meaning you may run into issues with loading posts or comments using a desktop browser or mobile app. The issues aren't substantial enough to prevent users from accessing the service but have resulted in 'an elevated error rate,' the Reddit Status website shows.

If you've attempted to use Reddit today, March 28, you've likely experienced intermittent issues with getting comments and, sometimes, posts to load. The Reddit Status website shows partial outages for the native mobile apps, as well as on desktop browsers and mobile web.

Other aspects of the platform, such as comment and vote processing, are shown as operational at this time. Overall, the system shows greater than 99-percent uptime, which means (hopefully) that this outage will be nothing more than an annoying issue until it is resolved.

Outages at Reddit aren't entirely uncommon and, generally speaking, this current issue is minor compared to some of the bigger outages we've seen on the platform in the past. Reddit hasn't provided a reason for the issue and, if the past is any indication, we likely won't get such clarification once the matter is resolved.

Down Detector shows a spike in reports from Reddit users that started around 8AM EST, climbing to more than 27,000 within a couple of hours. The majority of reports concern issues with accessing the website and mobile apps, while a smaller number of users report being unable to log into their accounts.