Reddit is experiencing another outage: Here’s what we know

Brittany A. Roston - Sep 18, 2019, 5:30pm CDT
Reddit is experiencing another outage: Here’s what we know

If you’ve attempted to get on your favorite subreddit at any point over the past hour, you’ve likely experienced issues ranging from pages only partially loading all the way to full error pages. The issue is widespread based on current reports, with users in many places complaining about an inability to access the website. Reddit has confirmed that it is looking into the matter.

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Reddit, the massive mostly anonymous social platform that enables users to engage in ‘subreddits’ centered around different themes and content categories, has experienced a number of partial outages this summer.

The most recent issue took place on August 31, during which time users were unable to load the website in many instances, though sometimes the pages would load content but not comments.

A little after 1PM PT / 4PM ET, Reddit posted a notice on its Status website that says it is investigating ‘elevated errors.’ Performance charts for show ‘Degraded performance’ on the platform’s desktop website, mobile website, in its native mobile apps, as well as related to the processing of comments, votes, and spam. Modmail is also having trouble right now.

Reddit operated without incidents following its late August partial outage until September 16, during which time the company experience ‘elevated API errors,’ something it resolved on the same day. The company hasn’t provided any details about the nature of the current outage and when it expects to have the service restored.

The website Down Detector currently shows the majority of outage reports being clustered on the Eastern and Western coasts of the US, which makes sense considering the current time in those time zones. A notable number of reports have also appeared throughout Europe, however, as well as Australia, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, Venezuela, and a number of other countries.

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