Reddit dabbles in crowdfunding with new "Redditmade" site

Reddit has jumped aboard the crowdfunding train, doing so with the launch of a new website called Redditmade. Like Kickstarter and Indiegogo, Redditmade lets users set up funding campaigns for projects ("You can create almost anything you want ," says Reddit), which users can then fund if they're so inclined. Campaigns that reach their goal in 30 days will survive, while those that don't will fizzle away into the silence. Dozens of projects are already up, most of them in the form of witty t-shirt designs.

The site went live today, with Reddit having given mods a heads-up about what to expect as well. It seems the purpose is largely to support the Reddit community itself — subreddits can use Redditmade to create products their particular subscribers might like, such as shirts or pins with some insiders phrase or logo.

Redditmade's FAQ are a bit on the slight side at the moment, but it seems the company is looking to be heavily involved in the production process, saying, "We'll walk you through every step of the process, connect you to our network of quality sourcing partners, work with you on the design if necessary, promote your campaign, and oversee the production and distribution."

Funds can then go to the person who initiated the campaign, or can be setup to go elsewhere, such as to a particular charity or even subreddit community. It doesn't appear Reddit has detailed financial particulars at this point, but no doubt as the service gets rolling we'll be seeing more specific information arise.

SOURCE: Variety