Reddit app on Android, iOS gets a massive update

While social networks like Facebook and Twitter have become the home of bite-sized news, whether fake or otherwise, the Internet has one other venue when it comes to actually discussing such things. Reddit is practically the modern-day, and more complicated version of the BBS of yesteryears but, somewhat ironically, it has been a bit slow on embracing our smartphone overlords. To rectify that situation, Reddit has rolled out a huge update for its mobile apps that could make users actually want to use the app rather than stick with the mobile browser form.

The way that Reddit works is that someone posts something, usually a link or, nowadays, even images and videos, and people engage in a discussion about it, commenting on comments and up or down voting them. This format has become so popular that it gave birth to AMAs (Ask Me Anything) Q&As that have been used by companies and even government officials.

That format is also a bit of a headache for moderators and the mobile Reddit apps didn't exactly make their lives easier. With this update, however, Reddit is finally giving mods the tools they need to keep subreddits clean even when a computer is out of reach. These include having a mod mode in the app, a mobile mod queue, and access to their modmail.

Users on iOS have a lot going for them this release. Live comments ensure you won't miss a thing when the latest and hottest topic is spreading like wildfire. And if live comments aren't enough, Reddit is also giving access to its beta Chat functionality on iOS. Lastly, iOS users will no longer feel disoriented when opening a web link in the mobile app, as it now uses and respects the user's Safari settings.

Users on both iOS as well a Android will be able to enjoy full screen cat GIFs and crazy videos with Reddit mobile's new theater mode. Trophies and cakes have also arrived to make anyone's day and in-feed usernames have been added to give credit where credit is due.

SOURCE: Reddit