Redbox Instant rollout begins today, get on the waitlist now

We were told earlier this month that Redbox Instant would be rolling out sometime later in December, and just in time for Christmas, the movie kiosk service is now rolling out its streaming option for select users. Redbox Instant is launching in beta mode, and while you can send in your email address for the chance to get access, the company is keeping it to a small group of testers.

The company announced the news via Twitter, and mentioned that they're "gradually rolling out access to" their streaming service. They really wanted to emphasize the word "gradually", which could mean that while the service is in a closed beta, they might be planning to slowly add more users until they have a majority of requests fulfilled.

At that point, we could see a public rollout, but there's no word on when that may be. Plans for the new service start at only $6 per month, effectively undercutting both Netflix and Hulu Plus, which offer plans starting at $7.99 per month. Plus, if you end up getting early access to Redbox Instant, you'll get one month of service for free.

The $6/month plan includes unlimited streaming, and tacking on $2 more per month will get you four DVD credits, which allow you rent a physical DVD movie four times per month. If it's Blu-ray movies you want, you're looking at $3 per month instead two. Of course, if you want more than four DVD/Blu-ray movies per month, you can always go to a kiosk and get an overnight rental for only a dollar.