Redbox Instant priced starting at $6 per month, will be invite only

Buzz about Redbox's upcoming movie-streaming service, Redbox Instant, has been floating around wildly the past few months, and it's finally almost close to launching. While there still isn't a solid release date for the new service, other than later this month, it's been confirmed that plans will start at $6 per month, which is lower than both Netflix and Hulu Plus.

Redbox will offer an unlimited streaming-only plan for $6 per month that includes movies from Warner Bros. and pay TV channel Epix. Adding on four nights of physical DVD rentals will cost an extra $2 per month, and if you're wanting Blu-ray disc rentals, you'll be coughing up a total of $9 per month. However, one of the biggest bummers is that the new service will be invite-only when it initially launches later this month.

Netflix's streaming-only plan costs $8 per month as well, but if you want to throw in DVD disc rentals, you'll have to pay twice as much per month for the privilege. While Redbox Instant only gives you four nights of rentals included in the plan, you can still rent more for only $1 per disc per night at the kiosks, while video game rentals cost $2.

However, while Redbox Instant will be priced the same as Netflix, the upcoming service won't have TV shows available at launch. One of the sticking points with Netflix is its wide range of TV shows to choose from, and with Redbox Instant's lacking catalog, we think the new service may have a hard time stealing Netflix customers.