Red Sox may have used Apple Watch to steal Yankees hand signals

It's a modern twist on an old scheme: using the Apple Watch to steal hand signals from an opposing baseball team, gaining a competitive edge in the process. Such is the allegation lobbed at the Boston Red Sox, which supposedly used Apple's wearable to send alerts to players about what the Yankees' hand signals may mean. Sources claim the Yankees captured this practice on video.

The information comes from sources speaking to The New York Times; they claim the Yankees reported the alleged scheme to the commissioner's office, which sources say triggered an investigation into the matter two weeks ago. The Yankees supposedly captured a video of the Red Sox dugout that shows the Apple Watch being used to inform players of hand signals.

Major League Baseball reportedly investigated the matter and have found that the accusations are correct. When confronted about this, the Red Sox reportedly confessed to the activities, revealing that the team had been getting signals from the video replay personnel and then sharing that info with some of its players. This cheating had been going on for several weeks, the sources say.

The issue grew from there, though, with the Red Sox pulling the same move and filing its own complaint against the Yankees, claiming the latter team has been using their own camera to steal hand signals during matches. Sources didn't state whether the claims against the Yankees had been substantiated. However, briefly commenting on the report, Commissioner Rob Manfred said that both sides are being investigated.

SOURCE: New York Times