Red Bull wingsuit flyers land inside a plane in mid-air

If you have never seen the Red Bull folks who jump off things and then use wingsuits to fly like birds, it's very cool. It also looks terrifying, but it is as close to being Superman as a person can come. Normally these wingsuit crazies pop a parachute and float to the ground once they get too low.

Red Bull has a new video of a pair of French wingsuit flyers who jump off the top of the Jungfrau mountain in Switzerland clad in their flying suits. Rather than flying around and popping their parachutes to land, these guys fly into an airplane.

The wingsuit flyers glided through the air and did a fancy tuck and roll to land inside the open door of an airplane diving towards the ground. One of the early scenes of the video appears to show a missed attempt that leaves the wingsuit flyer tumbling through the air.

The duo of wingsuit flyers is Fred Fugen and Vince Reffet known as the Soul Flyers. The video is worth a watch. It certainly looks as if it would be easy to accidentally hit the propeller in this sort of stunt.

It also looks like getting tangled on parts of the aircraft is a big possibility. It appears that the pilot had a hard time finding the flyers in the beginning.