Record-setting space skydive to take place October 8

We talked on more than one occasion about Austrian daredevil Felix Baumgartner. Baumgartner has been preparing for an attempt to set a record for jumping from the highest altitude in history over the last several months. The last time we talked about Baumgartner, he had conducted a practice jump from 96,640 feet.

Baumgartner is set to make his official record-setting plunge from an altitude of 23 miles over the surface of the United States. Baumgartner reach a top speed of 690 mph, breaking the sound barrier without using an aircraft. The record-breaking jump was originally set for August, but was delayed.

The official jump will now take place on October 8. The delay was the result of damage sustained to Baumgartner's capsule used to carry him to altitude during his last practice jump. The capsule had to be repaired and then retested before Baumgartner could make his record-setting attempt.

The capsule is carried 23 miles above the earth using a gigantic helium balloon. Baumgartner will wear pressure suit that looks like a suit astronauts wear in space. The probability for the delays is high because the record-setting jump requires perfect weather. Any weather issues will result in further delay of the jump.

[via Fox News]