Realme Flash might come with MagSafe-like magnetic wireless charging

Even haters probably won't deny that Apple comes up with technologies and features that would influence future technologies. The reversible Lightning connector undoubtedly inspired the equally reversible USB-C, and the new MagSafe could soon become a norm among smartphones. Of course, it often takes more time for others to catch up to Apple, but Realme may have gotten ahead of its rivals in having the first Android smartphone with a magnetic wireless charging system.

Wireless charging isn't exactly new, but it still has one critical limitation that makes it sometimes less convenient than wired charging. In addition to a very narrow gap between charging coils, devices must also be placed in specific positions to line up the coils. That's not always easy to get right, even with markings, but Apple solved that problem with the introduction of magnets.

Apple's MagSafe technology uses rather strong magnets to align charging coils and keep the phone and the charger in place. This system also gave way to cases and battery packs that easily latch onto the iPhone's back while still being easy to remove. It seems that the upcoming Realme Flash will have a similar feature with a name that will surely raise eyebrows.

According to GSMArena, Realme will release a MagDart wireless charger that will magnetically attach to the back of the Realme Flash to charge the phone. Unlike Apple's more refined MagSafe accessories, however, MagDart looks like a large box with a fan inside. The latter is probably to prevent overheating while charging the phone wirelessly at 15W.

Details about the Realme Flash itself are still thin at the moment, but expected specs include a Snapdragon 888, 12GB of RAM, and 256GB of storage. The former OPPO sub-brand is already setting the stage for its appearance, and many will be curious if this MagDart tech will be up to snuff.