Real Racing 3 sees 14 million hours of gameplay since launch

When Real Racing 3 launched last month, it took a bit of heat over its new freemium model that Electronic Arts implemented for the first time in the game's series. While you can get the game for free this time around, you could end up paying a ton of money for in-game upgrades and faster repairs. However, that doesn't seem to be stopping most gamers.

It turns out that gamers have been spending a combined 14 million hours playing Real Racing 3 since it's launch late last month. That's a lot of game time, and more importantly, that's a lot of batteries drained. According to EA, that's 25 minutes per person per day on average, give or take a few minutes...or hours.

The game has hundreds of different events that you can compete in, and since launch, gamers have competed in a whopping 350 million races combined, with 25 million races being completed every day. That's certainly a lot of races, as well as a lot of virtual fuel burned. Then again, we can't say we're too surprised anyway.

Currently, Real Racing 3 is the number one free app in the iTunes App Store in 90 countries. The game features "Time-Shifted Multiplayer," in which gamers can go up against other gamers in the game, but they don't necessarily have to compete against each other in real time. Instead, the game records your race and uses it for other races as a ghost of sorts.

Thanks, Seth