Ready or Not, Here Comes the New Facebook Profile

Back on December 5th we where first told of a fantasyland of new features for Facebook profiles, and that these changes would be rolled out gradually through the new year, culminating at the point at which all profiles would be subject to it. That time is now! Inside the next few days, everyone, including YOU, should be seeing the changes, the changes that will change your whole life! Or at least how all of your friends perceive your life online, of course.

The changes you'll be seeing include a new introduction, Featured Friends, New Experiences, and improved photos and friends pages. You'll already have no-doubt seen these changes appear on friends of yours pages and said ha! I'll never change over to that silliness. Well now you're in for it. The change for everyone, no matter if you want it or not, is this week. Don't fret though, you'll learn to love it, and always remember, Mark Zuckerberg is kind enough to let us live in his world, so we must be grateful for it. Check out the intro to the changes below:

UPDATE: Ohh! Another banner!

[Via Facebook]