Reachability Cursor: How did Google not make this app first?

There's an app called Reachability Cursor that'll change the way you use Android. Your smartphone likely has a significantly large-sized display. This is 2018, after all, and displays only seem to be getting larger, on average. What Reachability Cursor does is to make navigating these phones with one hand just a little bit easier. That's the initial goal, but the potential of this app go much further.

Once activated, the user needs only swipe in over their selected swipe pad – from the left or right side of their screen, for example. Once they've swiped in, they'll find a circular tracker under their finger. This finger can be used to control a cursor on the display.

The tracker works a lot like a TrackPoint rubber mouse button on a Lenovo ThinkPad. With this tracker, the user can move a cursor around the display on their smartphone and tap to click. This allows one to use the smartphone with one hand outside of apps, but could well be used to change the way one uses a wide variety of apps where they'd normally only be allowed screen-smudging moves aplenty.

This system works with an Accessibility Service in Android, and for some Android devices that can be a bit of an issue. This does not happen for every Android, but assuming it does for you, head over to XDA and follow their instructions with adb – that's not for the weak-willed! If you've got no idea what's going on here or there, just skip it!

Reachability Cursor is a free/Pro app, which means you can use it all you want, free and ad-free. You can also pay to have a full set of features. Pro features include the following:

• Customize the appearance & behavior of almost everything

• Adjust the cursor & tracker area according to your needs

• Edge actions for Notifications Overview, Quick Settings etc.

• An Advanced Mode that supports drag gestures with the cursor

• Execute long clicks with the cursor

• Support future development

To get the full "Pro" version of Reachability Cursor, you'll need to pay approximately $5. You can access and download this app in its free edition over at Google Play, and you'll be able to enable the Pro version from within the app, if you do so wish. This app was developed by the folks at NiftyUI in Hamburg, Germany.