RE-35 USB cartridge turns film cameras into digitals - April Fool's?

April Fool's was last week, but some companies get serious about their pranking and offer up faux products before and after the day to trick us. I'm honestly not sure if this new product called RE-35 is real or not, but I will stick with the old adage "if it seems too good to be true, it probably is." With that in mind, let me present an interesting concept if nothing else called the RE-35.

This thing looks like a film canister that we used in the days before digital cameras. The idea is that if you have an old 35mm camera that you really like, but you want to step into the digital age you can. The RE-35 supposedly slips into any 35mm film camera and has some sort of special sensor that lies across the cameras innards to record the images that are snapped.

The cartridge has internal flash storage to save these images. When you are done shooting you could plug the thing into your computer via USB and get your digital photos from an analog camera. This sounds like a significant technological hurdle to me so I am thinking it's a fake, but I would like to be wrong on that because the RE-35 is seriously cool.

[via PopSci]