Rdio launches Vdio movie streaming service

Popular music-streaming service Rdio has launched a companion movie and TV show streaming service appropriately called Vdio. It's been in private beta for some time now, but the company has officially launched it today. However, it's only available for Rdio Unlimited members, but if you're really interested in checking out Vdio, you can sign up for an Rdio Unlimited subscription and get going with Vdio right away.

Vdio is also only launching in the US and UK, so those living outside these two regions will unfortunately have to wait a bit longer. However, those who have a Rdio Unlimited subscription will get $25 of credit to use on the new service, and those who sign up within the next 60 days will also get $25 worth of credit to use on Vdio.

The streaming model of Vdio is slightly different than what Rdio's subscription model is. Essentially, Vdio is more of a competitor to iTunes, where you purchase content individually. However, any movies you purchase, you'll only be able to watch them on Vdio either through the web browser or through the iPad app, which are limitations not seen on other services.

The service also comes with plenty of social features, including making watch lists and sharing them with friends, as well as being able to collaborate on custom lists by having friends add movies and TV shows into one collective list for certain occasions like parties. The catalog of content currently available is fairly good for being such a new service, and prices seem competitive, with TV shows costing around $3, while movies sell for about $15. Currently, Rdio didn't mention whether or not Vdio will be coming to more countries, but we're guessing they'll focus their efforts on the US and the UK for the foreseeable future.