Rdio family plan now supports five members

Brittany A. Roston - Jun 24, 2013, 11:33pm CDT
Rdio family plan now supports five members

Rdio announced its Family Plans subscription option back in August of 2011, allowing a main account to add on up to two sub-accounts for a special pricing structure. It has been a couple years, but feedback has finally been acknowledged and the plans have received a slight upgrade. Starting today, family plans can now have up to five members.

The Family Plan structure is fairly simple and straight-forward: the main account is registered to an individual, and from there that subscriber can then add additional accounts to his or her main account. Up to two accounts could be added for a steep discount, making it similar to a family cell phone plan. That price structure has been maintained.

A two-member family plan is priced at $17.99 monthly, while a three-member family plan clocks in at $22.99 per month. That is the same as the original pricing, but now two more tiers have been added: $27.99 per month for four members, and $32.99 for five members, which works out to just under $6.60 per month/per person. The price per person drops a bit with every additional member.

Though the accounts are all sub-accounts off a main subscription, each one operates like its own account, which is Unlimited and controlled by its respective user. Collections, playlists, followers, and other such features are all individual and pertain to the separate accounts. In essence, nothing has changed except for the addition to two more pricing tiers to the plan.

This follows after the service’s expansion earlier this month into seven new countries, including its first-ever presence in Asia. Rdio is now available in 31 countries, including the newly added Chile, Columbia, Switzerland, Poland, and Czech Republic. The company said previously that it has more updates planned.


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