Jeep RX 200 with Razor scooter goes rugged with Wrangler detailing

Razor has teamed up with the Jeep brand to launch a Wrangler-inspired version of its Scooter RX200, the company has announced. Unlike some of the company's other products, the electric RX200 is designed for adult riders, offering a top speed of around 12 mph and tires that support off-road environments.

The Razor brand skyrocketed to popularity in 2000 with the launch of its first folding scooter, a model that was later followed by the company's first electric scooter in 2003. Razor now offers a wide variety of scooters, including the RX200 and its new Wrangler-inspired variant.

The new offering is officially called the "Jeep RX 200 with Razor"; it sports an Army Green color and a "Jeep-like style," Razor explains. The model packs 8-inch pneumatic tires, riser-style handlebars, and the type of standing platform one would expect from this type of scooter.

As far as the electric platform is concerned, the Jeep RX 200 with Razor packs a 200-watt motor powered by a 24v battery, the combination of which makes it possible to travel at up to 12 mph for up to 40 minutes before the scooter needs to be recharged — the same specs found on the regular RX200.

Though the scooter is "recommended" for adults, it tops out with a max weight limit of 154lbs, which may make it unsuitable for tall and larger individuals. The model's most notable selling point is its rugged design and off-road tires, making it an option for riding hiking trails or managing rough city streets.

As expected, the new Jeep makeover does come at a premium. Razor is now offering the RX200 variant on its website and through Amazon for $499, which is $70 more expensive than the ordinary non-Wrangler version of the scooter. That's a fairly steep price increase for what largely amounts to a cosmetic upgrade, but the higher cost may be worth it for Jeep fans who want their electric scooter to match their daily driver.