Razer's Orochi gaming mouse gets laser and battery life boost

Razer has updated its Orochi gaming mouse with a new, more powerful sensor that provides better accuracy, as well as offering about double the battery life of its predecessor. You can grab the device now for the gamer on your gift list and get it in time for Christmas. The device is priced at $69.99 for those in the US, and €69.99 for those on the other side of the pond.

The Orochi can be connected two ways: wirelessly via Bluetooth 3.0, or wired for those who need a slightly more archaic connection method. The device runs a new, more precise laser, which Razer touts as the most powerful laser available in a mobile mouse. The laser sensor is a 6,400dpi 4G unit that "promises to take out the competition with deadly accuracy."

For those who choose to use the Orochia via a Bluetooth connection, the unit is powered by two AA batteries. You can expect to get about 30 hours of continuous use, which is double the life of the previous iteration. The battery rating equals about three months of conventional usage, according to the press release.

RazerGuy Robert Krakoff offered this statement. "We want our dedicated fans to keep the ability to game at the high level they demand when they leave their home. Companies including Razer make mobile gaming laptops for that and, with those, there needs to be a mobile mouse solution. The Razer Orochi answers that need. We believe we've ushered in a new era of mobile gaming with the extreme performance and portability of our Blade laptop and Orochi gaming mouse."

[via Razer]