Razer unveils new Scarab hard gaming mouse pad

Shane McGlaun - Dec 17, 2010, 6:38am CST
Razer unveils new Scarab hard gaming mouse pad

When it comes to PC gaming the hardware and peripherals you use can make all the difference. The Razer brand is a favorite among the hard-core gamers that like high sensitivity mice and cool gaming keyboards. Razer also offers all sorts of other gear for gamers like mouse pads.

When it comes to mouse pads, they are not all created equal. Some like a cloth mouse pad and others like hard and very slick mouse pads. The latest from Razer is the Scarab and it has a hard gaming mouse pad that uses a new Fractal 2.0 surface. The special surface is made to allow the mouse to track better for more accuracy.

The mouse pad also has an improved rubber base that is designed to help smooth out irregularities on the surface that the pad it sits on. The idea is to make the smoothest mousing surface possible. The Scarab also comes with a carry case to protect the pad to and from your LAN party. The Scarab will ship on January 1 for $39.99.

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